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Paul Albertson is an international performing magician and escape-artist, having performed many times in: Hong Kong, Hawaii, Mexico, and the USA.

Paul’s' formal education & training was in repertory theatre, spending over eight working and studying in Canada, USA, and Britain. He since then has directed and taught Drama, and Magic Workshops for many years in Canada and the USA.

He is an member of two International Magic Societies.

“ I learned my first magic trick when I was eight years old.    It boosted my self esteem and it helped me make friends.   By the age of 12, I had gained enough confidence and skills to put on a lunch-time magic show at my elementary school. When I was in high school I began performing for birthday parties and community events. I have chosen to study, perform, and create Wonder for as many people as I can. 

Now I am excited to add: To teach Wonderful Magic ! "

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