Live In-person Camps & Classes

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Hello Parents,

Are you looking for a FUN, SAFE, and USEFUL activity for your kids to do ?   
Magic Wonder School is Now presenting Live In-Person Magic Camps & Classes! 
​These camps and classes are designed for the same purposes as ALL my programs: 
To develop  coordination, confidence, and communication/social skills. 

There are now FOUR different colour 'Wand Courses'; 
and Four different 30 - 60 minute Magic Workshops
​All my Magic Classes:
INCLUDES: (Yours to keep, magic supplies) 
Custom Magic tricks, with instructions & scripts,
Magic File folders; ID Key-card to access to an On-line Magic Class videos,        
A Magic Wonder School Binder & Drawstring Bag, to store all your magic props.  
The Camps & Classes are taught by a Trained Licensed Magician!

​My Day Camps are normally 3 Hours a day, for 5 days. 
The 5th day being a Magic Show and Graduation-Party-Day;       for completing Semester 1.   Each Camp/Course has two semesters.          LIVE - ONLINE  INTERACTIVE  MAGIC  CLASSES:       I will continue the 5 day-Monday - Friday Format,       

but my 5 Live-Online Sessions will be 1.5 Hours/day;       but believe me there will be lots of Offline Magic 'Activity' going on at home!  
​​SIX  SESSIONS  One Hour Each / Live-ONLINE:  Semester 1 OR 2 *             ​​* Includes $50.00 of supplies! To be Picked Up at designated location.       ** Magic Supplies can be Shipped to you through Canada Post for a small fee

** Need 5 days to arrive!  Need to Email me: "Request Supplies Shipped"!          ***  Register for Semester 1 AND 2 Together and get a $35.00 Discount !           

Contact your After School 'Enrichment' Program Director AND your Parks and Recreation office, and Find out If and When they are Hosting "Magic Wonder School" Magic Camps and Classes! 
If they're not, Contact me directly and I will set you up .
Now will a collection of video clips, please enjoy this short Live In-Person Magic Program Video:

Now go to my Calendar and See when my next Magic Course Or Workshop starts !

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Magic Wonder School

“Teaching Magic Tricks that produce: co-ordination,
confidence, and communication skills”