Live-Online Camps & Workshops

Hello Parents,

Are you looking for a FUN, EMPOWERING and SAFE activity for your kids to do this Summer ?   

This Summer 2020  Magic Wonder School is presenting Live Online Five Day Magic Camps, and One Hour Magic Workshops!  

​These camps and workshops are designed for the same purposes as my
To develop children  coordination, confidence, and communication/social skills. 

And I will continue using the same, and newly written, 'Discover Magic' (Tricks) course material.   There are now Four different colour 'Wand Courses'!

​And just like all my Magic Camps:
REGISTRATION  COST  INCLUDES: (Yours to keep, over $50.00 of supplies) 
Custom Magic tricks, with instructions & scripts,
Magic File folders; ID Key-card to access to an On-line Magic Class videos,        
A Magic Wonder School Binder & Drawstring Bag, to store all your magic props.  
And the 5 half days are taught Live-Online, & Interactive by a Trained Licensed Magician !

​My Day Camps are normally 3 Hours a day, for 5 days. 

The 5th day being a Magic Graduation-Party-Show Day,
for completing Semester 1; each Camp/Course has two semesters.   

I will continue the 5 day-Monday - Friday Format,
but my 5 Live-Online Sessions will be 1.5 Hours/day;
but believe me there will be lots of Offline Magic 'Activity' going on at home!  

​5  SESSIONS = 7.5 Hours / Live-ONLINE:Semester 1 OR 2 Magic Camp:  $139.00*   
​​* Magic Supplies are to be Picked Up at Listed Parks & Recreation Office,
** Magic Supplies can be Shipped to you through Canada Post for a small fee,
** Need 7 days to arrive!  Need to Email me: "Request Supplies Shipped"!!
Contact your local parks and recreation office.  Find out If and When they are Hosting my New Live-Online Magic Camps & Workshops! 
If they're not Contact me directly.

Now will a collection of video clips, please enjoy this short Live-Online Magic Program Video:
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