FREE Online Magic Workshop

Hello Parents,


Are you looking for a FUN and PRODUCTIVE activity for your kids to do while school is out,

and the Parks & Centres are Closed ? !   



Magic Wonder School is Hosting, for a Limited Time, a FREE Interactive Online Magic Workshop.  

In addition to learning some Fun Magic Tricks, kids will learn three  social skills during this time social distancing.


If this interests you, then I’d like to Invite you and your children to join me for a FREE online magic workshop next week!   So complete my "Request An Invitation" Form, with the date  Now !   
















In this W.O.W. Workshop we will teach 3 really cool magic tricks with things that you can easily find around the house, or at a Dollar store;

like How to make money appear or How to grow objects twice their size!!!


This LIVE workshop is FREE  But i am limiting the number of Invitations.


If you would like to join the Magic fun and learning,

simply complete my "Request An Invitation" Form on my website. 

If you are not there already it's:

and I will send you a special Invitation Letter with a list of a few Household,

or Dollar store, items you will need.  


I look forward to seeing you and making some FUN  Magic  together!  

Best Regards, 

Paul Albertson/ Magic Wonder School 


PS: I am offering this Free, due to our current world crisis. 

"Request An Invitation" to my Fun Magic Workshop Now, your children will Love It ! 










The live interactive magic workshop is geared towards ages 8-12 years old


Adults Must be accompanied by a kid.


Due to the nature of the internet and the social interaction in the workshop,


All students must have their Video/Web Cam capabilities Enabled.


The online workshop will be held through the updated version of ZOOM


(it's easy to use, details will be provided in your Invitation Letter.) 

Request An Invitation

To receive your Invitation, please fill out the Form Completely.