After School  Magic Programs  



Have you see a magician or Read a Magic book or Do you own a Magic Set? 

Now you can really learn Hands-on from a professional Magician! 

Don't worry No Experience is necessary for this first series of classes, In fact you will be provided with all the Magic Tricks!!! 

Now if have some experience, you will be taught an advanced method for the magic trick!  


We have only Two rules: Have Fun and Be Respectful.


We are offering a series of Beginner to Advanced Magic Programs.  

The Programs run  6 weeks - One hour per week.  


First will be be a No experience Necessary: Wonderful Magic Tricks 101.   


Then building on the previous  course we will offer Magic 201 . . .  


Be sure to get your name on the Request To Register List, by filling out the form !